Root Beer and Ricotta Ice Cream Float

Root Beer and Ricotta Ice Cream Float
mins prep time
mins cooking time
2 servings
Ricotta Cheese

Made with


1 cup heavy cream 

1 cup Frigo® Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese 

1 cup sweetened condensed milk 

1 tablespoon pure vanilla bean extract or paste 

1 tablespoon lemon juice 

Pinch of salt 

2 12-ounce bottles root beer


Prepare the ricotta ice cream by whisking the heavy cream to stiff peaks in a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer. Then, add the Frigo® Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla bean extract, lemon juice and salt and whisk on high for 2 minutes. 


When done, transfer to a shallow container, cover tightly, and freeze for 5 hours or until firm and ready to serve your root beer floats.  


To serve the floats, spoon two or three scoops of ricotta ice cream into a tall glass. Slowly pour the root beer into the glass, allowing the foam to rise and then recede before adding more root beer. Serve with straws. 


Turn up your favorite oldies station, sip and savor the good ol’ days! 


Recipe courtesy of Emily Ellyn, Retro Rad Chef. Find more recipes